Coding and Robotics in Classroom

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Join our #EUcourses! Teaching programming to 1-9 graders according to the Finnish National Curriculum for primary education.
This course provides material and means to bring programming and hands-on robotics into the classroom and curriculum according to the material prepared for and standards set by the Finnish national curriculum for primary education.
The course is organised in cooperation with Code School Finland.
Participants have the extra option to get certified and gain access to learning modules of choice and to further utilize in teaching the contents of the Programming Learning Library provided by Code School Finland.
English matters, so it's the language of the course.
Main topics of this course

Coding principles and motivation, basics coding concepts
Developing computational thinking
Objective of curricula internationally, integrating programming into curriculum
Programming for grades 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9
Programming with BBC micro:bit
Programming with tablets, Scratch and beyond
Graphical/semi-textual coding environments
Robotics, principles and environments,
Animations, game basics, game programming concepts
Moving from block languages to Python
Hands-on implementation of a project suitable for own grade
Classroom visits

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Euneos Corporation
Oulu, Soome

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12.11.2023 > 18.11.2023
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