Agravlou 2A, 3065 Limassol, Cyprus, Limassol, Küpros

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F.G.G. EDUCULTURE Center Education Ltd (PIC: 918105486, OID: E10032707)

The organisation F.G.G. EDUCULTURE CENTER EDUCATION (www.educulture.info) is registered in Cyprus. It offers a range of educational courses within the framework of ERASMUS+ Key Action 1 (KA1 Learning mobility of individuals). Teachers & school staff across Europe can participate to the courses as well as government /non-governmental organization staff, adults and recent graduated students. Focus areas are cultural heritage, European culture, classroom diversity, indiscipline, racism, bullying, improving teaching, active citizenship and learning outside the classroom. Courses are conducted in 6-day or 7-day sessions and take place to Cyprus (location: Limassol). All courses are carefully designed to train participants with innovative and effective methodologies introducing European dimension in the activities and encouraging international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships.

Teachers, in the company of European colleagues, have the opportunity to enrich their theoretical background; to examine examples of school and classroom planning and practice; to visit museums, archaeological and traditional places; to examine visual materials and artworks. Data gathering, group works and practical works develop teachers’ skills. Through discussions teachers have the opportunity to share their stories, thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, a range of learning outcomes can be drawn placed in a European context to benefit themselves and their school. This facilitates the dissemination and exchange of good practice and professional expertise, either at school or institute level, or on a personal basis.

Trainers have over 30 years teaching experience in schools and more than 5 years experience in implementing Erasmus courses.

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