School education for traveller communities across Europe

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What does the school situation of the children of occupational travellers in Europe look like? How is their schooling regulated across Europe? What opportunities and challenges arise with regard to school education when families constantly move from one European country to another? Watch this webinar to hear how online and distance learning is a resource when mobility is a necessity.

18 May 2021 | Duration: 60 min

What was this webinar about?

The webinar introduces you to the work of the European Network for Traveller Education - ENTE, a network of schools, organisations and churches committed to ensuring that every child of a parent who is an occupational traveller gets the same educational opportunities as other children.

The second part of the webinar presents two well-established and good practices: the Schule für Circuskinder in NRW in Germany and the Stichting Rijdende School in the Netherlands. These schools have built their expertise in teaching to traveller children for many decades, and they are also experts in the field of blended learning: since the early days of the Internet, teaching in mobile schools has been combined with online education and a traditional classroom setting.

In closing, our guest teachers discuss how the educational innovations triggered by the COVID-19 crisis can improve the education of children travelling across Europe with their families, and of those children who cannot regularly attend school, for example due to illness.


Speaker panel

Nina Crommelin<

Nina Crommelin is board member of ENTE, the European Network for Traveller Education, and Vice-President-General and education advisor for the ESU: the European Showmen's Union. After graduating in pedagogy for children with special needs at the University in Rostock (Germany) in 2001, Nina followed the teacher training academy to become a special needs teacher. In 2005 she started to work for the Rijdende School as a teacher for circus children, where she took on the role of coordinator for the education of circus children and for international contacts.

Sabine Goetze

Sabine Goetze has many years’ experience in blended learning and is currently intensively involved in teaching graduate students online. After a Master’s Degree in American and French Literature, Sabine decided to go into adult education, teaching English, French and Computer Science and managing a variety of projects for adults and young adults. In 2007 she joined the Schule für Circuskinder in NRW, where she was introduced to diverse learning methods catering to the needs of travelling children. She is currently focused on preparing the SfC’s graduate students online for their final exams in English.

Gerda Beuckens

Gerda Beuckens is a primary school teacher since 2011 and has been working for the Rijdende School for over five years now. She is experienced in on-site as well as online teaching. In addition to being a teacher, Gerda is also a student consultant. In collaboration with the student, the family, the school and any other authorities, she guides children until they reach a basic qualification and are well prepared for the rest of their (working) life.

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