Mosaic of Communication (Guadeloupe)

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Effective communication and craft of mosaic making

Location: Sainte-Anne, GUADELOUPE (France)

The course raises awareness of the need to learn effective communication in order to be successful in our social lives and to achieve the goals raised in Europe 2020. By exploring different types of communication while creating a mosaic, participants will analyse skills that make their communication effective. The skills can be compared to a pieces of mosaic – we can observe the colour and the shape of a single piece, but only a complete picture of assembled pieces together give us aesthetic satisfaction. The same with the communication – only understanding the mechanism behind communication and engaging the skills efficiently we can achieve effective communication. The course methodology is unique in a way that participants not only improve their understanding of effective communication but also learn the craft of mosaic making. The artist Kostas Klimavicius and his workshop "The bridge of mosaic"( support the practicum of effective communication.

Understand the importance of effective communication in the European context;
Work in collaboration with other participants developing communication skills;
Participate in the international and intercultural exchange.
Understand the benefits and pitfalls of cross-cultural communication;
Develop a plan how to promote opportunities for children and young people to engage in effective cultural dialogue.

Familiarise yourself with the course materials you receive after confirming registration.
Introduce yourself to other participants explaining what makes you unique as a person and a representative of your country.
Present a few examples of patterns and colours that are traditional in your country.

After the course participants will reflect on the gained knowledge and its application in their own educational environment. They will complete a report to be sent to their national agency and the course organiser. The trainers will provide support for collaboration between participants encouraging them to initiate eTwinning or school partnership projects and help to find partners.


Day 1
Nature of communication.
Nature of mosaic.

Day 2
Communication to a group: colours and patterns from my country.
Mosaic tools and techniques.

Day 3
Quality communication in a group: creating collaborative design.
Discovering mosaic.

Day 4
Communication in pairs: team work on a collaborative pattern.
Mosaic work.

Day 5
Communicating as an effective team.
Mosaic work.

Day 6
Analysis of skills for effective communication - "I am a piece of a bigger picture".
Mosaic work.

Day 7
Activities to practise effective communication skills - "I am a piece of a bigger picture"
Mosaic work.

Day 8
Communication through social media - "Many pieces – one picture".
Mosaic work.

Day 9
Reflection and evaluation.
Mosaic work.

Day 10
Presentation of completed mosaic to the community.

Note: The course has changed its location from Kaunas, Lithuania.

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Sainte-Anne, GUADELOUPE (France)

Organizador del curso
NGO Kaunas Biennial
Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, Francia

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NGO Kaunas Biennial
NGO Kaunas Biennial
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