Positive Education: Happy Schools

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This course is based on the studies about Positive Psychology of Martin Seligman taken to the classroom. This theory is based on the idea that in the same way that we learn mathematics or physics, we should learn to be aware and to manage our feelings, as well as to deal with emotions while relating with others.
Positive education consists of teaching in the classroom the social abilities, critical thinking and emotions without forgetting the importance of the technical competences. Teachers create a learning context where the students can discover their strengths and innate qualities to develop themselves in a safe and reliable atmosphere. In this appropriate context, the students can show all their potential and are able to give answers not only at an academic level but also at a social one.

The aims of the course are:
* Provide the teachers with an introduction on Positive Psychology;
* Provide the teachers with tools to be able to develop with the students different competences and abilities: autonomy and social competences, learning to learn, as
well personal initiative;
* Provide the teacher with different methodologies to create collaborative learning
The course is based on active and participative learning/teaching approach with theoretical exposition of the contents along with practical tools that allow the integration and dynamization of all of the work group.

It is foreseen 4 days of practical lessons and 1 day of visit to a school or organisation dealing with the subjects of the course.

It is foreseen also time for socialization with city tour and farewell dinner included in the price.

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