4 TOOLS FOR INNOVATIVE EDUCATION: Project Based Learning, Cooperative Learning, Design Thinking and Educative Coaching

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In this course, we will analyze, study and experience different innovative methodologies for teachers, such as Project Based Learning, Cooperative Learning, Design Thinking and Educative Coaching.

Teachers mission and the results of their work have nowadays a big impact for the society and for the human beings in general. Therefore, learning the most innovative education techniques are a key competence for any professional in the teaching profession.

The aims of the course are:
* Develop and improve new competences, attitudes and abilities of the teachers
* Improve the quality of teaching and promote innovative work and exchange of good
* Get new resources to use with the students in the classroom
* Get closer to the students needs
* Motivate the students in a more adequate learning atmosphere
* Deal with problematic situations inside and outside the classroom.

The course is based on an active and participative learning/teaching approach with theoretical exposition of the contents along with practical tools that allow the integration and dynamization of all of the work group

It is foreseen 4 days of practical lessons and 1 day of visit to a school or organisation dealing with the subjects of the course. It is also socialization time with a city tour and a farewell dinner included in the price.

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