Introduction to Intercultural Education

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In a world experiencing rapid change, and where cultural, political, economic and social upheaval challenges traditional ways of life, education has a major role to play in promoting social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Through programmes that encourage dialogue between students of different cultures, beliefs and religions, education can make an important and meaningful contribution to sustainable and tolerant societies.
The aims of the course are:
* Analysing the complexity of our contemporary society in terms of cultural diversity, its challenges and opportunities;
* Fostering mutual understanding, dialogue and respect between people from different cultural backgrounds, in educational, working and social environments;
* Providing and sharing knowledge about the different socio-political models that State adopt to manage cultural diversity, their aspects and shortcomings;
* Exploring basic concepts like cultural identity, stereotypes and prejudices;
* Promoting intercultural education as a strategy to face discrimination and xenophobia;
* Providing and sharing intercultural education theoretical basis and practical tools;
* Trying out non formal education methodologies and their implementation in
intercultural education;
* Providing practical tips of designing and implementing intercultural education
sessions for students, users and workers.
* Visit to local best practice. Promoting debate and sharing of ideas and

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