New Approaches in Teaching Math

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The training course aims to introduce a unique maths programmes and approaches used in the UK schools, including Oxford developed methods.
This approach recognises the importance of maths in our daily lives and helps our children to learn the skills of numeracy, geometry and measure that can be used in everyday life, to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills that are so vital in day-to-day life and to develop thinking skills.

The participants will increase their knowledge of the UK educational system with special focus on structured and coherent mathematics curriculum for the whole school.

During the training, the participants will learn about math teaching cycle, structure and coverage. 3 Study visits to local schools will be included in the programme.
The participants will meet their colleagues, will be able to see how theory is put into practice and share the experience with other teachers.

• To increase awareness of UK educational system.

• To increase knowledge of the approaches and methods used in the UK schools.

• To increase knowledge of non-formal and informal methods used to teach math.

• To improve English language skills.

• To enhance European cooperation with UK schools.

• To increase creativity, and intercultural skills.

• To share best practices and transfer practical knowledge on teaching math.

• UK educational system.

• Teaching math.

• Informal and non-formal education methods in teaching math.

• Exploring best practice and share knowledge and expertise in teaching math.

• Partnership working: examples of best practice.

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Amber Initiatives
Plymouth, Reino Unido

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