Creativity for Teaching and Personal Growth

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The course aims to to promote a culture of creativity, teaching participants creativity processes and to support participants in developing their natural creativity, by acquiring new competences.
A special attention is given to support participants in practicing skills in order to improve their self-confidence and their profile as educators and to help them to improve the ability to generate ideas, to find creative solutions, to face professional and personal challenges;
During the course, participants improve mental flexibility, intuition and the ability to improvise in order to better adapt themselves to the current dynamic environment. They also learn how to create opportunities and to carry out projects with high confidence, obtaining better benefits from their own knowledge and potentialities.
The course comprises 4 interactive learning modules, from Monday to Thursday, plus
a visit to a Valencian organization on Friday, where is possible to see Spanish way of working and to exchange good practices with other teachers. Last day of the course, it is
also foreseen an evaluation and certificate issuing session; Social and cultural activities are also foreseen.

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Valencia, España

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Asistió al curso el 22.01.2018 - 26.01.2018

From April 23-27, 2018, I took part in this exciting course, which helped me develop my creativity in teaching with students. Thanks to the trainers, thank Esmovia, and I hope in a future collaboration! See you soon!

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Asistió al curso el 15.10.2018 - 19.10.2018

There was a great course about Creativity for Teaching and Personal Growth. We were happy to attend in it

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