Understanding the UK Education System

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This 7 days training course will address a need of European education establishments to increase their capacity to operate at EU/international level and learn about the education systems and pedagogical methods used in the UK schools, including support of students from disadvantaged background, and, thus, develop their own professional skills. The British Education System is very different to that of the rest of the world. The participants will get an insight into how schools in the UK operates, leading to new teaching ideas and improvement.

The training focuses on the development of teachers' professional competences.

Learning outcomes of the study visit:
- broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education in the UK
- improved competences, linked to their professional profiles (English language skills, analytical and IT skills, creativity and motivation
- increased capacity of an educational institution to operate at EU/international level
- increased ability to address the needs of the disadvantaged
- increased knowledge of British culture and intercultural skills.

Participants will visit local schools. The training can be adjusted according to the needs of participants.


Organizador del curso
Amber Initiatives
Plymouth, Reino Unido

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