Learning in the Natural Environment

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Every child should be given the opportunity to experience and learn about the natural environment.
Despite increasingly robust evidence demonstrating the benefits of childhood experiences taking place in nature, recent surveys show that the vast majority of our children are rapidly losing connection with their local natural environments. Children from deprived communities are particularly disadvantaged.
The aim of the training ‘Learning in the Natural Environment’ is to introduce the experience of UK schools, which take part in Natural Connections Project implemented in 200 schools across South West of the UK.
During the training, we will focus on learning outside the classroom, which use activities and venues to inspire both children and teachers to excel in subjects from across the whole curriculum. From mathematics to music, biology to physics, languages to literature – the aim of learning in the natural environment is to enable children to access the benefits of learning outside. The training is engaging and interactive, facilitating a productive dialogue between participants and offer a balance between theory and the practical application of approaches. The training focuses on the development of teachers' professional competences.
Environmental-based education makes other school subjects rich and relevant and gets apathetic students excited about learning
A broad range of skills ranging from the technical to the social have been identified as outcomes of outdoor education, particularly when it is integrated with the everyday school curriculum.
This course is for those who have some or little experience of getting outside the classroom, but would like to know more about how to maximise the benefits of outside learning. The training can be adjusted according to the needs of participants.
The participants will begin to think about how learning in natural environment is implemented across the school.
During the training, the participants will discover some of the research into the benefits of learning in natural environment for pupil development, identify challenges for learning outside and will identify the opportunities close to home and further afield.
3-4 study visits to local schools are included in the programme.


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