Soft skills and Non-verbal communication for scholar education and vocational training teachers (Unofficial title:

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Soft skills and Non-verbal communication for scholar education and vocational training teachers (Unofficial title: let's dance in Alicante)

Soft skills are personality traits and behaviours that will help candidates get hired and succeed in their work. Unlike technical skills or “hard” skills. Soft skills are interpersonal and behavioural skills that help people to work and get on well with other people and to successfully develop their professional careers.
In this course we aim to train teachers to improve their Non-verbal communication and help them transmit this knowledge to their students.
The development of the classes will be completely practical, and it includes activities on the beach, dance activities, postural hygiene, voice and visual expression and all the Nontangible aspects that can help improve our personal image so that we can transfer it to our students.
Participants will receive a diploma of recognition and achievement, expressly mentioning the activities carried out and the contents taught in the course.

Teaching language: Basic English
Pre Course fees: 375€
Dates: 1-5 August 2022
1. Due to the characteristics of the course, it is recommended to come with comfortable clothes and footwear.
2. The activities on the beach take place in the sand and in hours with little sunshine. It is NOT necessary to know how to swim.
3. The course includes dance activities, but NO previous knowledge of any kind of dance is required.
4. If there are a group of at least six applicants, we can translate the course into your language.

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(In Alicante Training, we speak EN, ES, CZ, MK, SK, SR)

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