Addressing European Mobility

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Amber Initiatives offers a training course in Plymouth, UK. This 10 days course is ideal for those working in school education and would like to gain greater competences in supporting children from migrant background.
The course aims to describe and analyse the main characteristics of different categories of migrants, with a special focus on background and development aspects.

Through a combination of methodology sessions, case studies, practical activities in the field and visits to local schools, you will examine the critical relationship between educational establishments and NGOs in supporting children from migrant background. The training is engaging and interactive, facilitating a productive dialogue between participants and offer a balance between theory and the practical application of approaches.

Participants will get an insight into a range of issues affecting migrant children and explore ways to address the multitude of barriers they may face.
This course uses a wide variety of communicative activities to develop language competence as well as introducing practical and creative classroom ideas. Please note that this course is offered on various dates throughout the year. The training focuses on the development of teachers' professional competences.

It is also possible to join this course for one week only. Maximum number of participants in the group is 11. The training can be adjusted according to the needs of participants.

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Amber Initiatives
Plymouth, Reino Unido

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