Animal Welfare in the classroom

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Animal welfare is of increasing concern in contemporary society. There are a lot of things that affect our planet and environment around us in a bad way, but the good thing is that everyone can help to reduce them and do their bit for the environment.
Children and young people are the key figures for a better future of animals.

All relevant studies and action plans of the European Union emphasise the need for a broader education and the creation of awareness in the public on existing animal protection problems. Assuming responsibilities which result in an improvement of people-animal relations is especially durable if knowledge is transferred to children.
The educational system offers children the possibility to develop capacities to understand their living environments, to react and to take a position in different situations, to develop principles and responsibilities, and to become sensitive and empathic.

The objectives of the training are:
- To increase awareness of EU Strategy on the Welfare and Protection of Animals
- To increase awareness of animal welfare education
- To develop competences of the participants to integrate animal welfare into education through exploring methodology, curriculum opportunities and extra-curriculum activities
- To demonstrate to the participants the best way to introduce animal welfare into the classroom
- To foster innovation and quality improvement in animal welfare education

Methods used:
Combination of methodology sessions, case studies, practical activities in the field and visits to local schools.

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