TALKING TO PEOPLE: Inquiry-based and Cooperative Methodology - 10 training days

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Participants are expected to enhance their level of English and the quality of their teaching by engaging in cooperative inquiry-based project learning, workshops, seminars, and “talking to people” interviews. Areas of study such as Irish society, education, literature, art, history, geography, etc. will help participants to get to know Irish culture and way of life in a multicultural European setting. This should help teachers of every subject to support their students' acquisition of key competences and disseminate their learning. Sessions will promote interaction among participants in the whole programme and every effort will be made to provide a collaborative learning environment. Cultural visits to places of archaeological, artistic and historical interest will enhance the participants' cultural experience. Participants should be teachers with a minimum level of English corresponding to B2 and above in the Common European Framework (CEFR).

1. To help participants to improve their communicative competence in English through an insight into aspects of Irish culture and society.
2. To provide opportunities for participants to meet and interview local people and to carry out investigative project work in the Irish community.
3. To promote a European Dimension in education, one of the qualities of modern education in Europe, by encouraging teacher mobility and school partnerships.
Participants are expected to develop their language skills in English by engaging in cooperative group work, by carrying out interviews to local people and by participating in seminars and hands-on workshops. Areas of study such as Irish society, literature, history, geography, art and education will help participants to get to know Irish culture and way of life. Also, prestigious speakers will deliver lectures and workshops to participants, e.g. guest speakers in previous programmes have included: Ms Susan McKay, acclaimed Irish author, journalist and Director of the National Women's Council of Ireland, and Ms Mary Banotti, President of Health First Europe, member of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Assessment will be carried out prior to the course by means of analysis of participants' needs and interests. During the course, reflective journaling will be completed to enhance participants' learning and professional development. After the course, the bonds of international co-operation that you might establish with other participants in this programme will expand the European Dimension of your school by providing opportunities to share and disseminate professional knowledge and examples of good practices at European level either by implementing European colleagues’ practical ideas, or by setting up international collaborative inquiry-based learning projects with your students in your school and other students in Europe.
Fees: 700€ tuition + 130€ org.costs-field projects.

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Asistió al curso el 18.06.2018 - 29.06.2018

Well, I attended the 19/05/19 to 25/05/19 session... It was really great and intense. We worked,had conferences, shared opinions, talked to people about special topics and visited places. That was really good and worthy. My only regret would be that on a one-week session, we don't get enough time to discover the city itself. A guided tour on the first day would be most welcome !

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