A Gastro-Linguistic experience in the north of Spain, Santander.

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When we talk about Spain we can't help thinking about the sea and the sun, the gentle character of its people, its fiestas and popular traditions, its territorial contrasts and of course our language and rich gastronomy.
For that reason at Syllabus and through Erasmus +, we want to share an experience that joins the best of our gastronomy and culture with a complete linguistic program for all those interested, either by professional or academic issues, in improving the nuances of their Spanish in Santander, Spain.
Our proposal consolidates the improvement of Spanish language and its culture with the discovering and tasting of Spanish cuisine in an authentic, varied and participatory way thanks to a conceptual program in which subjects are related to one another.

This course is dedicated to all the professional foreign Spanish teachers and non teachers in love with Spanish language, its culture and of course cuisine with a B2 level onwards.
* Participants not included in the Erasmus + program will have a 10% discount.

1. To improve their Spanish linguistic competence in an authentic way developing the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing through a complete linguistic, cultural and extracurricular program.
2. To show the Spanish foreign teachers new ways (ideas, contents, methodology) of teaching the target language to their students.
3. To bring first-hand and in different enviroNments the Spanish gastronomy and its peculiarities to the students in a practical enjoyable way.

- 20 hours of Spanish language and culture (Monday-Friday)
- Spanish cuisine workshop
- Tapas and pinchos route
- Among the cooker: visit to a restaurant kitchen
- Wine tasting workshop
- Excursion to a touristic village
- City tours
- Boat ride through Santander's bay
- Farewell dinner in a typical city restaurant

The 55 minutes lessons start every Monday at 9.00 and finish at 13.00. Cultural activities will take place in the afternoons outside class time.
The course lasts 1 with a minimum of 4 students and maximum of 15.

490 euros.
The course also includes registration, placement test, school supplies, course certificate and folder with practical information of the city.

Tell us if you need accommodation in Santander. We can offer you different possibilities like accommodation in host families on half-board basis as well as in shared apartments.
The students who wish it can register in surf lessons, sailing, horse riding or flamenco.

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Santander, España

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