Erasmus+ KA210 SCH Partnership "Digitalization in Education"

Publicado: 24.06.2021

Hello Everyone!
We are looking for partners for the Erasmus+ KA210 SCH (Small Scale Partnerships) project. The application deadline is November 2021.

We are a high school that teaches science and mathematics from Turkey. Our students are between the ages of 14-18.

The aim of our project; improving the digital competencies of teachers and students,
* Digital teaching material development
* e-learning
* Web 2.0 tools
* 21st century skills
* Orientation to the professions of the future
* And the use of technology
To initiate Digital Transformation in Education by increasing their capacities in their subjects.
If you are interested please contact via email with information about your organization and the PIF.
e mail:

Organizations interested in the project partnership proposal are expected to indicate their strengths and weaknesses or their needs related to the subject of the project.

Tipo de organización buscada
Centro educativo/de formación; Educación superior; Entidad sin ánimo de lucro; Institución administrativa; Otro
País de la organización deseada
Bulgaria; Bélgica; Croacia; Dinamarca; España; Estonia; Finlandia; Francia; Italia; Lituania; Países Bajos; Polonia; Portugal; Suecia
Prioridades específicas de ámbitos para la educación escolar
Reforzar el desarrollo de competencias clave; Reforzar los perfiles de las profesiones docentes
01.03.2022 » 01.08.2023
Centro educativo/de formación
Merkez, Turquía

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Publicado por Murat KATRANCI

Burada proje nasıl hazırlayıp onaylatıyoruz bilgi verirseniz sevinirim.

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Publicado por Giovanni Erra


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Publicado por Giovanni Erra

Noi usiamo gli strumenti disponibili con Google Workspace per poter collaborare a distanza. Tutti gli strumenti sono a vostra disposizione gratis

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Publicado por Nuno Santos

Hi, we are a school cluster in the outskirts of Lisbon and we would like to know more about your project, as it seem very interesting and fitting perfectly our school plans. Our students range from 14-18 years old and we have a trong committment to professional development and new learning strategies with a strong digital component. The name of our school cluster is Agrupamento de Escolas Póvoa de Santa Iria and it is situated in the town of Póvoa de Santa Iria. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Publicado por Saramaria Cicero

Dear colleagues, This is Saramaria Cicero, President and Legal Representative of “Accademia IRSEI APS - Research Institute for Development, Economy and Innovation”, a no profit association based in Palermo, Italy. By means of this message, I would like to express our interest in receiving additional information about your organization. Accademia IRSEI promotes studies and research in fields such as innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship. Through our activities, we aim to foster individual and community development through the creation of innovative tools in educational and professional fields, pursuing the objective of developing personal and professional skills while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and promoting social values. Accademia IRSEI operates since 2019. Its activities are led by project managers with previous experience in the design and management of EU and national projects. Our team is reliable, committed and hard-working. The people composing the team have different academic and professional backgrounds, reason for which we are able to approach different topics with professionalism. We are currently implementing the project Circular Loops, a KA2 innovation for VET in the field of circular economy for social enterprises, and the project DITRAVET, a KA226 dealing with the enhancement of digital skills for VET schools. Moreover, we are implementing several KA1 for VET in which we are supporting the participants with their settlement in the city, facilitating the integration processes in the hosting enterprises and providing career guidance. Please, find here the link to our PIF to have additional insights on our profile and experience: . For further info concerning Accademia IRSEI, please contact our project manager, Ms. Maria Lombardo, at If you need a partner with our profile, we will be glad to learn more about the project in order to let you know how we could concretely contribute to its development. Looking forward to receiving your reply, I would like to thank you for your attention and wish you a nice day. Best regards, Saramaria Cicero President and Legal Representative at Accademia IRSEI APS

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