Project on Climate Change and Ecological Footprint

Publicado: 06.08.2019

We are planning to develop a project proposal on climate change and steps into smaller ecological footprints (how to make our footprints smaller) for a more habitable world.

we seek potential partners who are sensitive and willing on ecological issues and climate change.

Tipo de organización buscada
Centro educativo/de formación
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Alemania; Austria; Bulgaria; Bélgica; Chipre; Croacia; Dinamarca; Eslovaquia; Eslovenia; España; Estonia; Finlandia; Francia; Grecia; Hungría; Irlanda; Islandia; Italia; Letonia; Lituania; Luxemburgo; Malta; Noruega; Países Bajos; Polonia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Rumania; Serbia; Suecia
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Desarrollar la capacidad de organización y el reconocimiento de los períodos de aprendizaje en el extranjero; Hacer frente al abandono escolar temprano y las situaciones de desventaja
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Akhisar/MANISA, Turquía

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Hola. Soy profesor de ELE en un Instituto Público en Polonia, en la ciudad de Rzeszów y estoy interesado en participar en el proyecto previsto siempre y cuando el idioma de trabajo sea el español. He coordinado proyectos Comenius y actualmente Erasmus + acción 2 (2020-2022) Mis alumnos tienen 15-19 años. Mis datos de contacto : Lázaro Luis Delgado Conde, correo electrónico: Cordiales saludos.

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Hola. Soy profesor de ELE en un Instituto Público en Polonia, en la ciudad de Rzeszów y estoy interesado en participar en algún proyecto Erasmus + KA2 previsto para el 2020-2022, siempre y cuando el idioma de trabajo sea el español. He coordinado proyectos Comenius y actualmente Erasmus + acción 2. Mis alumnos tienen 15-19 años. Mis datos de contacto : Lázaro Luis Delgado Conde, correo electrónico: Cordiales saludos.

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Hello! we are a High School of general education from Alexandroupolis, a town in the north of Greece. Our school has approximately 350 students between 15-18 years old. We are looking for partners to initiate a partnership concerning the development of environmental consience among the students. If you are interested please contact us on the following mail: Translate

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Publicado por Natasa Vrapcevic

Hi, We are one big preschool institution from Serbia ( we have 54 kindergartens, 350 preschool teachers, more than 4000 children). We work on ecological issues for a years. Last two years we participate in National Geographic projects, Global Goals Project, Climate Action project. Also we have experience in Erasmus projects. It would be nice if we could be your partners. My e-mail : Natasa Vrapcevic

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Publicado por Dora Lopes

Dear colleague, We are a public school in Coimbra (Portugal). Our students are from 12 to 18 years old. We would like to work on a project related with environmental issues, since they are one of our top concerns. We are interested in working with you. Please contact us:

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Publicado por Filip Irina

Hello! We are a college from Iasi - one of the biggest city from Romania. We educated children from 3 to 18 and we also have previous experience in international projects and programs. We are interested to be your partner in your future projects. I am waiting for your answers. Best regards!

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Publicado por Berenika Dwornikowska

Dear Sir, Madam We are a primary school in Duszniki-Zdrój, and we are interested to take a part in another Erasmus project. Please contact me via:

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Publicado por Agnieszka Gorzawska

Hello Our school is located in a quiet and green district of Rybnik - Kamień. In the 2019/2020 school year, 312 students study in 15 branches. The Pedagogical Council consists of 40 teachers who have full professional qualifications and constantly expand their knowledge and skills. There is a modern sports infrastructure around the school: playground, school playground, outdoor gym and work out under construction. In addition to the implementation of compulsory educational classes, our school also hosts classes of interest (art, technical, music, theater), corrective and compensatory, sociotherapeutic and speech therapy classes. We have an equipped computer laboratory, a school common room, which is a place of fun and rest primarily for younger students, and a school library with a multimedia educational center. Another advantage of our school is the canteen preparing tasty and healthy dinners. We are open to suggestions and ready to cooperate. best regards Agnieszka

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Hello! we are a Secondary School from Zalamea de la Serena, a town in the south-west of Spain. Our school has approximately 300 students between 13-18 years old. We are looking for partners to initiate a partnership concerning the development of environmental consience among the students. If you are interested please contact us on the following mail:

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Publicado por Constantinos Mouzakitis

Hi dear friends. My name is Constantinos Mouzakitis . I am a teacher in the 3rd public school of Eleftherio – Kordelio in the area of Thessaloniki in Greece. My school has around 220 students aged from 6 _ 12 years old, boys and girls not only Greeks originated but they come from different backgrounds, mostly economic immigrants(from Albania , Russia , Georgia )and Roma. The staff members are 25 teachers of Greek language, German & French language, Art, Music, Sports, ΙΤ and other subjects. We are an ECO – school as well with various activities in the past. At the moment we are participating in two different Erasmus + projects(“Wisdom and Health, the Greatest Wealth” and "Occupy the Future") and we are more than willing to participate in the project cause it is very interesting for us. You can check our website for more information Feel free to contact me at any time in

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Publicado por Anonymous Anonymous

Hello there, My name is Francisco López, International Coordinator of IES LA ZAFRA We are a Spanish State High School from Motril (Granada). We are interested in taking part in your project. We have wide experience in Erasmus, regarding KA101, 102, 103, 104, 201 and 229. Please, could you contact me at ? Kind Regards, Francisco.

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My name is David Rojo Fernández, from Spain. I have worked as a coordinator or partner in several Erasmus+ projects, most of them Strategic Partnership: Rurality, Bioenergy, All-Tourist, NWF-Network, Rural Skills, Agro-Basic Skills, Geotur, Living Heritage, etc.. (VET and Adult Education). In the past I participated in different Leonardo da Vinci, too. So I have many experience managing this kind of projects because I was working in two important Spanish organizations (ADESPER and IRMA SL). Now, I am the President of a new Non-profit Association called BIOSFERA 2000. We are whising to participate in Erasmus+ projects contributing with our knowledge. We are a group of professionals in forman and non-fromal education, specially in natural resources, biodiversity, nature, ecosystem services, geotourism, birdwaching, environmental education, climatic change, etc.. So, if you consider it appropiate, contact with us to start working in new projects as soon as possible Thank you!! - Innovation support: intellectual outputs, multiplier events, short-term joint staff training events... -Exchange of good practices

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Hello, My name is Dimitris Katsavos and I'm from Greece. I am the Principal of the Kouloura Elementary School and head of an extremely dynamic, productive and effective teacher educational team. 60% of our students are Roma, 15% are of Albanian origin, children of immigrant background and the rest come mainly from rural families, all of which have been deeply affected by the economic crisis. We are a school that has been exploiting the Erasmus + Programs for eight years now as a tool for inclusion, reducing school leakage, combating teacher burnout and opening the school to society through its initiatives, actions, interventions and alternative pedagogical implementations (theatrical education, arts, sports, recreational reading and creative writing, environmental education …). The results of our “Erasmus + projects” have been recognized by our official National Agency and we are therefore often invited to present our work at various conferences and workshops with Greek and European audiences as an example of good practices. Geographically, we are next to the archaeological site of Vergina-Aigai, the site of the palaces and the tomb of the ancient Macedonian King Philip - father of Alexander the Great- and next to Mieza, where Aristotle the great philosopher tutored Alexander the Great. The city where we belong to is Veria and close to us is the beautiful coastal city of Thessaloniki; its airport will serve you during your visit here if you choose us as partners. Needless to say, that during your "Greek hospitality" in our country, you will visit all the fore-mentioned sites, too (such as Meteora). It would be our pleasure to cooperate with you on a project. There is a wealth of experience as well as knowledge and general consciousness on the subject of your project. If you wish the same as well please contact me at: In case you need the PIC number of our school is: 933929387 Our web-site is:

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Publicado por Francesco Cillo

Hello, Hello I am Italian teacher from Genzano di Lucania (PZ), I teach mathematics, computer science but I’m a Special Need teacher too. We are interested in being a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project. Our school is located in Genzano di Lucania, Italy (about 80 km from Matera, the European capital of culture in 2019). We are a public school with 4 addresses: 1) Scientific High School; 2) High School of Human Sciences; 3) Agricultural institute; 4) Technical and commercial institute. There are about 600 students in our secondary school, between 14-18. We are an inclusive school and we have students with special needs. As for our Agrarian course, we deal with the environment, pollution and conservation of the landscape and country. The themes of safeguarding cultural heritage and climate are part of our courses of study and our students are very interested in this type of activity. We are interested in your project and want more informations. Sincerely. Francesco CIllo Teacher of mathematics, computer science and support. E-mail:

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Publicado por francesca magnoni

Hello, I ami writing your from an italian non profit organization, operating in Educational, Cultural and Creative industry, specialized in radio and tv broadcasting, production of news for TV, RADIO and WEB. We are not a school/training center but we are specialized in video production, dissemination activities, training activities about innovative digital tools. We are part of ICARO, a MULTIMEDIA group based in Rimini (ITALY): a communication network composed of a local TV, a local RADIO and a news website and we are specialized in dissemination activities on the web, tv (also for national tv channels like RAI3, LA7, TV2000) and also training with young people about new media. We are very interested in your project idea, because we produced documentaries and tv programmes about sustainability, environmental issues, agriculture and food. We also recently took part in a European project on the topic of fake news about climate changes. If you think we could be a good partner in your project, please send me more details:

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Publicado por Özlem Talay

HI! We are teachers at a primary school in Turkey and are looking for partners. We have 2 projects, such as KA1 and KA2. For KA2 project, we need a coordinator partner or education institution. If tehere is someone who interested, please contact with me through

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Publicado por Liliana Antal

Buna ziua! Fac parte din corpul didactic al unui liceu dintr-o comuna din apropierea unui mare oras din Romania, Timisoara, comuna Giroc. Exista numeroase oportunitati de colaborare, scoala se afla intr-o continua expansiune, numarul elevilor nostri a crescut an de an, anul acesta ajungand la un numar de peste 1600 elevi, dar si dorinta de implicare in proiecte din partea cadrelor didactice. La nivelul unitatii noastre s-au organizat mai multe proiecte cu colaborare externa. Dorim sa devenim partenerii dvs. cu prescolari cu varste cuprinse intre 4-6 ani, dar si elevi cu varste intre 7 si 11 ani. Va asteptam sa ne oferiti detalii la adresa de email si ne -am bucura enorm daca am putea colabora in proiectul dvs.

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