We are a Primary and Secondary School named “Arboleda School” in Seville (a city which is located in the south of Spain), with more than 700 students) attending everyday to our school (from 3 to 16 years old)
We would be interested in starting a project which could stimulate our students by improving their skills in their foreign language, and their competences in European matters, in order to communicate with young people from different countries and cultures.
We would appreciate your answer. If you are interested please write to us:
In Arboleda School, we can proudly say that there is a highly motivated teachers team which is ready to start cooperation. For us, It would be an interesting experience for us to have an Exchange group of students from different countries, with the aim of learning about the European diversity. Your Project idea sound interesting and we would love to learn more details about it.

We expected to being involved as partner in a KA2 partnership with other countries. We'd like to find a coordinador who are interested in work with us.

Project topic: Language, History, Maths, Social Science, Natural Science, English, French, Physical Education, Arts, Music.

Tipo de organización buscada
Centro educativo/de formación
País de la organización deseada
Alemania; Argelia; Armenia; Azerbaiyán; Bosnia y Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Bélgica; Chipre; Croacia; Dinamarca; Egipto; Eslovaquia; Eslovenia; Estonia; Federación Rusa; Finlandia; Francia; Georgia; Grecia; Hungría; Irlanda; Islandia; Italia; Letonia; Lituania; Luxemburgo; Macedonia del Norte; Malta; Marruecos; Noruega; Países Bajos; Polonia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Rumania; Serbia; Suecia; Túnez; Ucrania
Prioridades específicas de ámbitos para la educación escolar
Centro educativo/de formación
Sevilla, España

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Hello, We are a kindergarten from Barlad, Vaslui county, Romania. We are interested in art, music, dance, traditions, theatre, european cultural heritage. That's why we want to participate to your Erasmus plus project. We expect to collaborate very soon. My Email adress is: doina_boholteanu@yahoo.com

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Hello from Nilufer Sehitler Secondary School.We are a secondary school in Bursa , it's in the west of Turkiye.Our target students are btw. 10-14 years old and there are about 1700 students in our school ,aged between 10 and 14. Our aim is putting away students' prejudice towards to maths and help the students developing their mathematical skills.Besides help them using mathematical abilities in other areas.We would like to be partnership in this project with you.If you are interested please contact us. email: esinefe1@hotmail.com

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Publicado por Selim Çörekçi

Hello! I’m writing from a primary school, students aged 5-12, in Bursa City, Turkey. We are two schools at the moment: Turkey and Croatia. We are looking for one or two more partners. (If it is possible one from Spain and one from Italy.) The school from Croatia would like to encourage their students from 10 to 14 years old to participate in the project. I think they are really nice and excellent school. In Turkey, we really wonder about your magnificent culture and rich history, and also want to learn more about your modern educational systems, that is why we especially prefer Spain. Our school is reliable and motivated to study. We are open to alternative or different educational improvement participation projects. We have prepared a project proposal: “Peace, Freedom and Equality in Multicultural Europe: Discovering Friendship in Intercultural Historical Places and Natural Environment.” You can read our proposal on our school’s organization profile page. I think we may further participate and collaborate with your school as a partner or coordinator. If you are interested, or for any other ideas, please let me know. Best Regards. Selim Çörekçi slmcorekci@gmail.com Republic Primary School (Cumhuriyet İlk Okulu), Bursa, Turkey School Web Page: http://yildirimcumhuriyet.meb.k12.tr

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