We are a Primary and Secondary School named “Arboleda School” in Seville (a city which is located in the south of Spain), with more than 700 students) attending everyday to our school (from 3 to 16 years old)
We would be interested in starting a project which could stimulate our students by improving their skills in their foreign language, and their competences in European matters, in order to communicate with young people from different countries and cultures.
We would appreciate your answer. If you are interested please write to us:
In Arboleda School, we can proudly say that there is a highly motivated teachers team which is ready to start cooperation. For us, It would be an interesting experience for us to have an Exchange group of students from different countries, with the aim of learning about the European diversity. Your Project idea sound interesting and we would love to learn more details about it.

We expected to being involved as partner in a KA2 partnership with other countries. We'd like to find a coordinador who are interested in work with us.

Project topic: Language, History, Maths, Social Science, Natural Science, English, French, Physical Education, Arts, Music.

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Centro educativo/de formación
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Alemania; Argelia; Austria; Bosnia y Herzegovina; Bélgica; Chipre; Croacia; Dinamarca; Eslovaquia; Eslovenia; Estonia; Finlandia; Francia; Georgia; Grecia; Hungría; Irlanda; Islandia; Italia; Letonia; Lituania; Luxemburgo; Malta; Noruega; Países Bajos; Polonia; Portugal; Reino Unido; República Checa; Rumania; Serbia; Suecia; Turquía
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01.03.2017 » 01.03.2019
Centro educativo/de formación
Sevilla, España

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Publicado por Meral GÜR DOĞAN

Hello. I am an English teacher in Adana in Turkey.We are Visually Impaired Secondary school. Our students are blind but they can do whatever they want.They learn maths, music, sports, English,Art, Science.....all the subjects. We try to teach differents methods as teachers.we are eager to work your project.We can develop your project because our school is a special needed. If you want to work with us, please contact me. meralgurdogan@yahoo.com.tr

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Publicado por HAKAN BOZAN

Dear Collegue; I am a deputy manager of my school. I'm writing from Kocaeli in Turkey. There are 600 students and 46 teachers in our school. The age group of our students are 11 - 15. I have already did 9 projects coordinated by the Czech Repubic, Cyprus, Poland, France, Hungary, Crotia, Spain and me. At the moment, We want to join a new Project. So at this term we want to be partner you Erasmus+ KA2 Project for 2018 call term. We want to be a partner in this project, because of this reason There are a lot of application in Turkey so we have not more chance to apply. For Example, There were 902 applications for KA2 in 2016 and Only 52 projects approved by our National Agency. But you can be sure, I will assist and help to you everytime. If you need a good and experience partner, we are here. :) I am waiting your feedback asap. 2009 – 2011 : Whe are we so different ? ( Comenius ) 2009 – 2011 : Art is a culture and identity of a country. ( Grundtvig ) 2011 – 2013 : European Cultural Heritage ( Grundtvig ) 2013 – 2015 : Heritage Of Medieval Experiences ( Comenius ) 2014 – 2017 : Home Sweet Home ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) 2015 – 2018 : Maths Around Us ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) 2016 – 2018 : Maths is life ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) 2016 – 2018 : Exchange of good practices on handling students with learning, integration and behaviour difficulties – LIFE ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) 2017 - 2019 : I learn, You learn but toger we double learn ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) We believe that If we have the chance to take part in another European project, there will be a big improvement not only in our own educational environment but also in our whole region. E-Mail : izmitataturkortaokulu@hotmail.com Hakan BOZAN Deputy Manager

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