Survey on teaching history from multiple perspectives

Image: Jack F / Adobe Stock

George Santayana is credited with the quote ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ – and, in this regard, history education can strengthen our collective memory by showing contrasting views of historical events. In this survey, we ask about your views on multiperspectivity in history education.

A multiperspectivity approach is crucial for understanding history, since it acknowledges diverse interpretations of an event rather than a universal historical truth (Council of Europe, 2001). Multiperspectivity also brings out the distinction between facts and opinions (and indeed fake news), and invites pupils to judge and compare the validity of different narratives using certain criteria. The ET 2020 Working Group experts have produced a report with their insights on building bridges through inclusive and cross-border history education.

How do you teach history, or how do you think history should be taught? Share your views in this short survey by 31/08/2022. The results will be published on School Education Gateway.