Survey on literacy and school libraries

Many school libraries play an important role in promoting literacy and supporting new pedagogical practices. We would like to hear your views on this unique learning space!

School libraries can support self-directed learning away from formal classroom teaching. They offer an alternative route to knowledge and skills by providing learning resources and a space for study. School libraries can also be a place where pupils can follow up on lessons, read for pleasure, and conduct research, sometimes with the help of qualified staff.

Literacy is the ability to understand, express, and interpret concepts in both oral and written form. It implies the ability to communicate and connect effectively with others in an appropriate and creative way (Council Recommendation on key competences for lifelong learning, 2018).

How does your school library develop reading skills and a love of books? How has it changed to reflect the needs of teachers and learners? Share your views in this short survey by 15 October 2022. The results will be published on the European School Education Platform.