Survey on climate education

Image: Annie Spratt /

How should schools prepare students for living and dealing with climate change? Do you, as a teacher, feel confident about introducing this topic in your classroom? What are the biggest challenges teachers might face when integrating climate change as a topic in their curricula?

In addition to pupil-organised climate marches in 2019, climate education has gained significant attention in Europe and around the globe. Although Italy remains the only EU country to have made climate change education compulsory in schools, we are seeing initiatives like the Environmental Action Programme (EAP) in Sweden, UNESCO’s climate change education, and the eTwinning community doing their part to raise awareness and provide opportunities and resources.

Teachers can play a vital role in empowering young people to develop their understanding and attitudes when it comes to climate education. However, this can be a challenging topic for them to address in their classrooms, whether because of its controversial nature, the lack of understanding they may have themselves on the issue, or the lack of connection they may see with their own subject matter.

Take this short survey to share your opinion on the subject. It is open until 21 June and available in 23 languages. The results will be published on School Education Gateway.