Erasmus+ tools and online courses at the forefront of School Education Gateway in 2019

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The results of the 2019 School Education Gateway annual user survey showed that users are most interested in the Erasmus+ tools and the Teacher Academy online courses. However, many stated they had gleaned useful information about the platform from the survey. Read this summary of the findings to learn more about your fellow users.

Who are our respondents?

This year the survey attracted 1885 respondents. A typical survey respondent was female, working in secondary education and living in southern Europe.

Respondents usually said they visit the platform once a month (39%); by comparison, in 2018 this figure was 33%. About one out of five (22%) said they visit the platform at least every second week.

User Survey 2019 - main countries

User Survey 2019 - main occupations

What are the main reasons to visit the platform?

The main reasons for visiting School Education Gateway were to find mobility activities and on-site courses. Other drawing points included the Teacher Academy online courses, the search for Erasmus+ project partnerships, and the search for resources (tutorials and teaching materials).

The least known services were webinars and the European Toolkit for Schools: they were unfamiliar to 35% and 36% of the respondents, respectively.

User Survey 2019 - main reasons to visit

How easy is to find and publish Erasmus+ announcements?

The respondents find the Erasmus+ tools among the most useful services of the platform: among all the platform’s services, the course catalogue is valued highest, as 69% of all respondents consider it very or moderately useful. The respondents who had used the tools (whether to search or to create announcements) valued their ease of use as good or very good. 

User Survey 2019 - ease of use

Two main wishes emerged from the open comments: 1) given the high volume of courses, the search mechanism should filter courses more effectively, and 2) the reliability of the course providers and quality of the courses should be more transparent, for example through a validation system.

Which are the most popular content and topics?

At 62%, the teaching materials were clearly ranked as the most popular editorial content. The same predilection for practical resources was evident in the high ranking of good practices (36%). Notably, surveys are up 11 points since last year, having been selected by 14% of the respondents.

The most popular topics for the respondents were digital competence and tools (selected by 57%), personal and social learning competence (44%), teachers and school leaders (35%) and multilingualism (32%).

User Survey 2019 - most preferred content

Respondents appreciate the richness of the editorial content; however, the sheer amount of it is overwhelming to others, and many give lack of time as the reason for not reading articles more often (60% of respondents state they would like to read more articles but don’t have time).

What do we know about the Teacher Academy online courses?

Almost 40% of the respondents have first-hand experience with the Teacher Academy online courses. Those respondents were pleased with the online courses, particularly their content and relevance, but found it difficult to fit them into their busy schedules (48%), for example wishing that the deadlines were more flexible.

The user survey was open from 21 October to 1 December 2019. Many thanks to everyone who took part!