Poll on critical thinking and media - Results

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What does the education community think today about why and how we should teach students critical thinking about and through media?

Critical thinking can be defined as a process that involves asking appropriate questions, gathering and creatively sorting through relevant information, relating new information to existing knowledge, re-examining beliefs and assumptions, reasoning logically, and drawing reliable and trustworthy conclusions[1].

Developing critical thinking skills is fundamental to all learning, and indeed to learning to learn – a key competence all citizens need in order to succeed in lifelong learning throughout their personal and professional lives. Teaching about and through media is one effective way of developing students’ critical thinking skills. In today’s media-rich environment, we need to develop a wider set of skills to help us understand the messages around us and effectively utilize these tools to design and distribute our own messages. Being literate in a media age requires critical thinking skills that empower us to make informed decisions, whether in the classroom, the living room, the workplace, or the voting booth.

[1] Based on the definition provided in the UNESCO IBE Glossary of Curriculum Terminology (2013), pp. 15.


1 - Using media to teach critical thinking skills can and should be incorporated in the teaching of almost all subjects.

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2 - Teachers of all subjects and age groups already have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, training and support to teach the development of critical thinking skills about and through media.   

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3 - The development of critical thinking skills about and through online media is of particular importance nowadays to educate young people about online risks, such as cyberbullying etc., and where they can go and what they can do to get help.

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4 - Teaching critical thinking skills about and through media is highly engaging and motivating not only for high achieving students, but also for lower performing students who are usually more difficult to reach.

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5 - At what age in your opinion should critical thinking about and through media be introduced to young people in school education?

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