Poll on school libraries

Image: Ermolaev Alexander / Shutterstock.com

In this short poll we are asking you: Do you think that school libraries are becoming increasingly irrelevant in a digital age? Or is the need for school libraries and the services provided by librarians even greater now than before?

The school library is a place where pupils can follow up lessons and conduct research on topics of their own choosing, with the help of qualified staff (librarian, teacher librarian, etc.). There, pupils are also encouraged to read for pleasure. The school library can support self-directed learning away from formal classroom teaching, and can be an alternative route to knowledge and skills by providing space dedicated to study and learning resources in the form of print and digital resources.

Many school libraries are evolving into multimedia resource centres, with computers, access to online resources, and digital media. However, with unlimited access to information on the Internet, even this role is being challenged.

Some schools use their library to improve learning outcomes and promote inclusion and equity, through innovative learning approaches. In the context of the ‘whole school approach,’ the library can be the meeting point for the whole school community, students, teachers, as well as families or stakeholders. 

The poll is open until 30th September and available in 23 languages.