Learning environment

A ‘learning environment’ is the learning culture as well as the physical surroundings created by teachers and pupils. It can be in the school building(s) but also outdoors, online, and away from school.

Learning environments include:

  • the physical spaces that lessons take place in - classrooms, studios, halls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities – and the way other learning spaces are created and used: school play areas, local cultural venues (theatre, gallery, museum), public outdoor areas;
  • distance learning spaces where teacher and pupils are not physically together: home, online collaboration spaces;
  • the way different learning approaches are integrated, including assessment, together with other classroom management processes;
  • where the teacher is the main facilitator, but also co-creation of supportive learning environments with other staff in the school, external practitioners, and parents;
  • co-creation with pupils, especially as regards their sense of safety, creativity and well-being.

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