VET and work-based learning

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Watch this webinar to learn more about innovative teaching and work-based learning practices that support students in obtaining the required skills and competences that help them to meet the challenges of the working life.

11 June 2020 | Duration: 58 min

What was this webinar about?

The first presentation will examine the shift to digital learning and more innovative pedagogies in VET and work-based learning – a trend given new impetus by COVID-19. You will learn how technology can be used to support the specific needs of VET and also the obstacles faced, especially in practical, work-based learning.

The second presentation will be focused on describing the activities of the eVET project aimed at increasing the opportunities of initiating VET mobility activities, providing a virtual environment (an online platform) in which VET schools and labour market representatives could develop VET mobility projects in a more effective and efficient way. The emphasis will be on mobility as a boost to skills improvement and employability.

Finally, the webinar will put a spotlight on this year’s European Vocational Skills Week. The Week is an initiative arising from the European Commission’s Skills Agenda 2016, and aims to change perceptions about the value of vocational education and training.


Speaker panel

Andrew McCoshan portrait

Andrew McCoshan is a senior expert in vocational education and training and Director of Plexus Research & Consulting. He has spent almost all of his 30-year career as a researcher and consultant in the field, conducting numerous European and international projects. He is currently a senior expert helping to deliver the EC’s Apprenticeship Support Service and external consultant to the VET Working Group coordinated by the European Commission, which focuses on digitalisation and innovation. He is also a Senior Research Associate and Visiting Researcher at the Educational Disadvantage Centre at Dublin City University. @andrewmccoshan

Monica Fasciani portrait

Monica Fasciani is a Senior Project Manager at Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi, Research & Development Area. Since 2003, she has become increasingly involved in national and international projects in the field of technology-enhanced learning, teaching and learning technologies, 3D virtual environments, and multimedia didactic environments. Monica has designed and led a number of training initiatives in the area of project management and learning innovation. Next to this, she has gained a significant experience in the monitoring and evaluation of small and large-scale projects (R&D projects as well as projects funded by the Erasmus+ Programme). Over the past years she cooperated in managing the eVET project – Online vocational education and training platform and the DISCOVER project – Developing Innovative Science Outreach for Vocational Education to Encourage STEM Careers and Education.

Sue Bird portrait

Sue Bird, with the European Commission for nearly 30 years, has led on initiatives in regional policy, industry policy, research and development, information society, and employment and social affairs. She coordinated the Commission's Structural funding (economic development aid) for Slovakia for 2004-2006. She had a coordinating role across the Telematics Applications Programme for research and development in public sector information society initiatives. Sue was Policy Co-ordinator in the Commission's DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion from 2006 to 2013, where she was in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility policy and relations with the private sector. Currently, Sue is a Policy Officer in the area of skills for the young. She oversees the operational and communications aspects of a successful annual European Vocational Skills Week.

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