Setting up your eTwinning Project – Webinar series


The eTwinning community is engaged in many activities, from peer exchanges between teachers in eTwinning groups to collaboration between classes in eTwinning projects. Join this webinar series to learn how to plan a quality eTwinning project!

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Learning objectives

Participation in eTwinning projects helps pupils acquire new skills and competences and supports teachers in their professional development by networking with peers and sharing pedagogical practices.

In this webinar series on Setting up your eTwinning Project you will:

  • learn how to create and run a quality eTwinning project.
  • explore the key elements of an eTwinning project in practice.


The webinar series consists of two sessions and an activity that you can complete in between the two webinars.

Tuesday 12 April at 16:00 CEST

How to plan a quality eTwinning project: collaboration and use of ICT.

from Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14 April

Learning activity

Thursday 14 April at 16:00 CEST

How to plan a quality eTwinning project: curriculum integrations, pedagogical approaches, results and documentation.

Speaker panel

Irene Pateraki

Irene Pateraki is working as Pedagogical and Monitoring Manager in the European Schoolnet for the project eTwinning ( She holds a Master Degree in Multicultural Education and she has worked several years as kindergarten teacher. For six years, she was seconded in the Greek Ministry of Education and worked as pedagogical expert in the National Support Organization of eTwinning. She has also organized and facilitated several online courses, webinars, conferences and workshops for teachers from 44 countries. She has presented her work in various educational conferences.

Marijana Pantić

Marijana Pantić is a teacher of English Language and Literature by profession and she has joined the eTwinning NSO Serbia in 2019. Her previous experience included working for Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation of the Serbian Ministry of Education, EducationUSA office in Serbia, an international high school with Cambridge International Examinations program. Her professional interests focus on how to use new methods and technology to adapt the teaching process to the ever-changing needs of modern society.