School education careers: time for change!

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What motivates teachers to continue to develop and stay in the profession for a long time? What opportunities can help to attract new teachers?
Watch this webinar to discover how teacher and school leader careers can be very different from the one-dimensional path they are often perceived to be.

What was this webinar about?

Our education experts shared insights from a major new report from the European ET2020 Working Group Schools that is seeking to inspire important changes in the way teacher and school leader careers are understood and supported. First insights from our European survey on teacher careers were also presented.

This webinar is useful to anyone working in school education: teachers seeking to gain a different perspective on professional development and seek new opportunities; school leaders and training providers wanting to improve the support they give to staff; and decision-makers involved in regional and national programmes and policy reform.

24 March 2020 | Duration: 90 mim


Speaker panel

Liesbeth Hens

Liesbeth Hens is director of Initial and continuous Teacher Education at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Ghent. She worked in the Flemish Ministry of Education both as Policy Advisor for Teacher Education and in Higher Education. She represents Belgium (Flemish Community) in the ET2020 Working Group Schools.

Marco Snoek

Marco Snoek is Professor of Learning & Innovation at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the professionalism and leadership of teachers and teacher educators. He has also helped to develop Masters courses, support for schools, advice in the field of teacher policy, and a number of articles and books. He represents The Netherlands in the ET2020 Working Group Schools.

Hannah Grainger Clemson

Hannah Grainger Clemson works for the European Commission as Schools Policy Officer and the Co-ordinator of the ET2020 Working Group Schools. Having worked as a teacher, including mentoring new teachers, she then moved to university-based education research and teacher education.

Kay Livingston

Kay Livingston is Professor of Educational Research Policy and Practice (Culture, Literacies, Inclusion & Pedagogy) at the University of Glasgow. She represents the Association of Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) in the ET2020 Working Group Schools.

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