Using Massive Open Online Courses in Schools - How to set up school-based learning communities to learn with MOOCs

Join us on this webinar about how to organise school-based study groups alongside Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for teachers. Teachers and school leaders can meet regularly in these study groups to take a MOOC together, discuss the MOOC’s content in the context of the school environment, and collaboratively plan to implement what was learned in the MOOC in their daily practice at school.

14 December| Duration: 70 minutes

What was this online event about?

During the webinar, a variety of teachers shared their experiences of setting up and participating in school-based study groups alongside MOOCs and were available to answer questions about what they learned during the process and how to replicate what they achieved. Teachers who have implemented such study groups have found that their remit can easily develop into broader-framed school-based learning communities that go beyond the initial focus on a MOOC. These learning communities have the potential to bring together a variety of actors from across a school to participate in sustained, collaborative and school-specific professional development activities.

For more information about the work of these teachers and detailed guidance on how to setup school-based study groups alongside MOOCs take a look at the following:

Target audience

This webinar is targeted at teachers and school leaders who would like to:

  • Support colleagues in using online courses and communities
  • Establish a more collaborative environment at their school
  • Work collaboratively with school colleagues on developing their teaching capacity
  • Support colleagues with a flexible professional development offer that does not impact on the daily school timetable
  • Discuss education and pedagogical topics with school colleagues
  • Experiment with new forms of professional development
  • Develop the digital competence of their teachers



Welcome & Introduction


Why learn with MOOCs and study groups?


How can teachers and school leaders set up a study group at their school?


Presentation of Supporting Resources

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Members of the Teacher Academy Pilot Group

ElenaPezziElena Pezzi is a secondary teacher of Spanish as a foreign language at Liceo Laura Bassi, Bologna, Italy. She is an experienced teacher trainer in the field of educational technology and a passionate eTwinner. Since 2014 she has served as a trainer and researcher at the Regional School Office of the Ministry of Education 

CristinaNicolaitaCristina Nicolaita is a teacher of Physics and ICT at Gh. Magheru School, Caracal, Romania. She is also an experienced eTwinning and Scientix Ambassador, a teacher trainer and an Erasmus Plus project coordinator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Code Week Leading Teacher for Romania. 


Celeste Simões is a teacher of English as foreign language at Agrupamento de Escolas de Carregal do Sal, Portugal, and an English Didactics Guest Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra. She is an experienced teacher trainer and EFL materials writer. 

MirelaRadosevicMirela Radosevic is a primary and secondary school teacher, an experienced teacher mentor at Petar Zrinski School, Čabar, Croatia. She is also a member of eTwinning, Code Week, Scientix and Bebras Croatia organizational board. She was twice awarded the National Annual Teacher Award in Croatia. 

LisanneVerwerLisanne Verwer is a secondary teacher of English at “Stedelijk Dalton College”, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. She is also a digital coordinator for e-learning and Internationalisation projects at her school. 

GuillermoMedranoGuillermo Medrano is PhD Engineer and Master in Teaching. Teacher in Secondary and Vocational Training at C.P.C. Los Boscos in Logroño (La Rioja). TeachUp Tutor and Country Dialogue Labs participant. Tutor, creator and coordinator of on-line courses at INTEF. eTwinning & Future Classroom LabAmbassador in La Rioja. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert & Global Learning Mentor in Microsoft.  Above all, Lifelong Learner. 

MareikeRaabeMareike Raabe is a secondary teacher of English and Geography at “Gesamtschule Ückendorf”, Germany. She is also an ambassador for Erasmus+ and eTwinning in Germany and an International Coordinator at her school. Furthermore, she offers international teacher training seminars on Internationalization of schools. 

Sanja Arh

Sanja Arh has been a primary teacher at “Ivana Gorana Kovačića Delnice” elementary school for 15 years. She has been involved in projects and activities in her school that promote new methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches using ICT, project based learning and various research activities.