Language learning in school: interdisciplinarity and creative writing

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Every year Europe's rich linguistic diversity is celebrated with initiatives helping to encourage the teaching and learning of languages, as the European Language Label. But how does promotion of multilingualism concretely translate into pedagogical approaches across Europe? And how can student language competences be assessed? Watch this webinar to learn more about the key role of interdisciplinarity in language learning.

10 September 2021 | Duration: 60 min

What was this webinar about?

The webinar introduces you to the need for interdisciplinarity, and the benefits of creative writing in foreign and second language learning. In particular, the webinar focuses on learning English through STEM and creative writing in the classroom.

Successful examples of creative writing using STEM and English are presented. Webinar attendees will be able to download the creative writing kit created during the Erasmus+ and eTwinning project LD5 - Learning Differently. The kit comprises trading cards created by students and used for combining STEM and English.



Oana Felecan, Policy Officer at the European Commission in Erasmus+ Programme team for School education, Vocational Education and Training and Adult learning sectors


Loredana Popa, eTwinning and Scientix Ambassador

Speaker panel

Oana FelecanOana Felecan is Policy officer in Erasmus+ Programme team for School education, Vocational education and training and Adult learning sectors. She is the European coordinator of European Language Label and has been working in particular on the language learning within the Erasmus+ programme. Oana graduated from University Paris IX Dauphine (France) and Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Romania).

Loredana PopaLoredana Popa is an English teacher at School nr.17 Botosani, Romania, an eTwinning school that was part of the Monitoring eTwinning Schools pilot programme. She has 20 years of experience in teaching EFL and more than 10 using creative writing and interdisciplinary classes. Loredana loves science and languages and believes students learn best when combining these two. She is an eTwinning and Scientix Ambassador, National Geographic Certified Educator and has won the European Language Label in 2004, 2015, 2020 (the last two times with eTwinning projects).

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