Inclusive Inquiry: an approach for promoting inclusion

This webinar will present the findings of a three-year study (2017-2020) that involved primary schools in five European countries. The project used an innovative approach, Inclusive Inquiry, which involves children becoming researchers and working collaboratively with their teachers to design lessons that include all pupils, particularly those who might be seen as ‘hard to reach’.

13 November 2020 | Duration: 60 min

What was this webinar about?

The webinar will explain how the ideas of the project Reaching the hard to reach were developed based on earlier work carried out by members of the team, particularly the work of an earlier EU-funded project (2011-2014) that focused on students’ voices in secondary schools. Inclusive Inquiry extends the idea of engaging with students’ voices to that of having dialogues between children and teachers. Illustrative examples from schools that used the approach will be presented during the webinar to allow space for discussion.

Watch the project’s video, also available in Spanish and Portuguese on the project's website:

Webinar recording


Speaker panel

Kyriaki (Kiki) Messiou portrait

Kyriaki (Kiki) Messiou is Professor of Education at the University of Southampton, UK. Currently she is Director of Research / Deputy Head of Southampton Education School. Internationally known for her research in the field of inclusive education, her work focuses on children’s and young people’s voices as a means of understanding notions of marginalisation and developing inclusive practices in schools. These are the themes of her publications, including her book Confronting marginalisation in education: A framework for promoting inclusion. Currently, she leads a study that involves 30 schools and five universities in five European countries. The study focuses on developing effective strategies for including all children in lessons, particularly those seen as ‘hard to reach’.

Mel Ainscow potrait

Mel Ainscow is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Manchester, Professor of Education at the University of Glasgow and Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology. In recent years, his research has had a significant impact on the global efforts of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote inclusion and equity in education. Mel is also a consultant to an initiative organised by the Organization of American States, which is supporting national developments in nine Latin American countries. In the Queen’s 2012 New Year Honours list he was made a CBE for services to education. Examples of his writing can be found in Struggles for equity in education: The selected works of Mel Ainscow (Routledge World Library of Educationalists series).

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