Entrepreneurship & problem solving

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Watch this webinar to discover how entrepreneurial learning in curriculum can support students to develop and apply their problem-solving skills.

12 March 2019 | Duration: 80 minutes

  • Speakers: Sandra Schön, Senior Researcher at Salzburg Research, and Marjut Hiltunen, languages teacher at Mankolan Yhtenäiskoulu
  • Facilitator: Elin McCallum of Bantani Education

Entrepreneurial problem-solving can come in many forms. In this webinar, we will find out about two approaches to learning that develop entrepreneurial problem-solving - in different settings.

The first is about entrepreneurial problem solving through Phenomenon-based learning presented by Marjut Hiltunen, a teacher from Finland. Phenomena are holistic topics like human, media and technology, water or energy. The phenomena are studied as complete entities as a cross-curricular theme, in their real context, and the information and skills related to them are studied by crossing the boundaries between subjects. This can create opportunities for integrating different subjects and themes, as well as using student-led and/or more interactive pedagogies such as inquiry learning, problem-based learning, project learning and portfolios. 

The second is entrepreneurial problem-solving linked to social innovation presented by the DoIt Project, presented by Sandra Schön from Austria. The EU-funded DOIT project is about entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world. It explores open innovation methods, digital maker tools and collaboration skills, to empower 6 to 16 year olds to co-create solutions for social and environmental issues together with facilitators.

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Portrait of Sandra Schön

Sandra Schön works within the field of innovative learning and working with Social Media and Internet as Senior Researcher at Salzburg Research (InnovationLab, Salzburg NewMediaLab). She is involved in national and international research projects as a researcher and project manager. Besides her activity within research, Sandra works as a lecturer on occasion at the FH Hagenberg in the field of technology enhanced learning, e-moderation and lifelong learning. You will find more detailed information about her activities and publications on her private homepage: sandra-schoen.de.

Marjut Hiltunen is a teacher of English, Spanish and Swedish at Mankolan Yhtenäiskoulu in Finland. After more than 30 years of experience in teaching and schoolwork practice, she is a strong advocate of Finnish education system.