Plans for project-based learning from the Competences for 21st Century Schools course participants

A series of plans outlining a project-based learning approach developing key competences of students. The plans have been produced by participants of the Competences for 21st Century Schools course on the Teacher Academy.

The Competences for 21st Century Schools online course ran twice on Teacher Academy, in 2016 and 2017. As part of the course, participants produced a planning sheet for implementing project-based learning (PBL) in their classroom, incorporating many of the ideas, concepts, and activities covered on the course. The planning sheet is not a lesson plan but provides a general framework for setting out a specific PBL approach in your classroom. These PBL plans have been curated by a participant editorial board, which has reviewed and selected the plans for publication here in the Teaching Materials section. The members of the participant editorial board were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course and include:

  • Beytullah Önce
  • Carlos Jorge Carvalhal Gomes 
  • Evangelia Triantafyllou
  • Khurram Shehzad
  • Lia Molini 
  • Nurcan Değerli
  • Safta Mariana Alina
  • Sevasti Malamou
  • Tereza Lombardi 
  • Vasiliki Siamanta
  • Vassiliki Boltsi 
  • zeynep taş

The PBL planning sheets can be accessed here and are available exclusively in English.

A big thanks to the authors of these planning sheets:

  • Erviola Konomi, Albania
  • Jordi Seriols, Spain
  • Helga Kraljik, Croatia
  • Christiane Eichel, Germany
  • Sevasti Malamou, Greece
  • Carlos Gomes, Portugal
  • Claudia De Crescenzo, Italy
  • Maria Rita Pepe, Italy
  • George Andreoulakis, Greece 
  • Yolanda Lopez, Spain
  • Zeynep Taş Yardımcı, Turkey
  • Khurram Shehzad, Pakistan
  • Erviola Konomi, Albania
  • Andreas Gkanatsios, Greece
  • Edit Ráthné Tóth, Hungary
  • Vasiliki Siamanta, Greece
  • Joao Adelino Santos, Portugal
  • Ilze Krastina, Latvia 
  • Beytullah Önce, Turkey
  • Nurcan Degerli,Turkey
  • Ourania Lampou, Greece

Age group: All
Subjects: All
Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
Year: 2017
Languages available: English
Link: Click here