Lesson plans for the start of the school year

A series of lesson plans for the start of the school year, especially suitable for beginning teachers. The plans were produced by participants of the Surviving your First Years of Teaching course on Teacher Academy.

The Surviving your First Years of Teaching online course ran in 2018 on Teacher Academy and remains available for browsing. As part of the course, participants produced lesson plans for their first lessons at the beginning of the school year, incorporating some of the ideas, tools, and activities covered on the course.

The lesson plans can be accessed here and are available in English.

A big thanks to the authors of these lesson plans:

  • Jasminka Lisac
  • Sabina Sy
  • Caterina Vitali
  • Adnan AKYÜZ
  • Sofia Tsigara
  • Ivana Delač
  • Daniela Maria Geraci
  • Merve Kızanlık

Age group: All
Subjects: All
Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
Year: 2018
Languages available: English
Link: Click here