Inclusive classroom designs

A series of inclusive classroom designs to support the learning of all students. The designs were produced by participants of the Supporting Special Educational Needs in Every Classroom course on Teacher Academy.

The Supporting Special Educational Needs in Every Classroom online course ran in 2018 on Teacher Academy and remains available for browsing. As part of the course, participants produced a design for the inclusive classroom of their dreams, incorporating some of the ideas and concepts covered on the course.

These classroom designs have been selected by a participant editorial board, which has reviewed and selected the designs for publication here in the Teaching Materials section. The members of the participant editorial board were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course and include:

  • Catarina Rodriguez
  • Sara Merino Munive
  • Rosie Stott

The classroom designs can be accessed here and are available in English.

A big thanks to the authors of these designs:

  • Gordana Palada
  • Age group: All
  • Subjects: All
  • Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
  • Year: 2019
  • Languages available: English
  • View online