Lesson plans and resources exploring cultural diversity and newly arrived migrants in classrooms and schools

A series of lesson plans and selected personal development plans which have been produced by participants of the Teacher Academy online course series addressing cultural diversity and newly arrived migrants in schools.

The Cultural Diversity in your Classroom, the Raising Awareness about the Situation of Newly Arrived Migrants, as well as the Integrating Newly Arrived Migrant Students in Schools online course ran in 2016 and 2017 on Teacher Academy. As part of these courses, participants produced lesson plans incorporating many of the ideas, tools, and activities covered on the course. Some also produced personal development plans outlining a series of steps for improving the integration of newly arrived migrant students in their school. While each plan is fairly specific to the situation of the course participant, they should still provide valuable ideas and reflections about supporting newly arrived migrants in schools. The lesson and development plans have been curated by a participant editorial board, which has reviewed and selected the plans for publication here in the Teaching Materials section. The members of the participant editorial board were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course and include:

  • Elena Bronzini Bedini
  • Evaggelia Sariggoli 
  • Evgenia Karoumpali 
  • Ioannis Velonakis
  • María Isabel Sánchez Martín

The lesson and development plans can be accessed here and are available exclusively in English.

A big thanks to the authors of these course outputs:

  • Helga Kraljik
  • Emanuela Boffa Ballaran
  • Clara Grosso
  • Sofia Venetopoulou
  • Evgenia Karoumpali
  • Ioanna Chalkia
  • Evaggelia Sariggoli
  • Evangelia Moula
  • Ester Gasparro
  • Carmela
  • Mariella Brunazzi
  • Elena Bronzini Bedini
  • Maria Kleidara
  • Ioannis N. Velonakis
  • Kondylo Glarou

Age group: All
Subjects: All
Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
Year: 2017
Languages available: English
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