Gamified lesson plans for the creative teacher

A series of gamified lesson plans for a variety of school subjects. The plans have been produced by participants of the Learning with creativity: Let the game begin! course on Teacher Academy.

The Learning with creativity: Let the game begin! online course ran in 2019 on Teacher Academy and remains available for browsing. As part of the course, participants gamified one of their lesson plans or created one from scratch, incorporating some of the ideas, tools, and activities covered on the course.

These lesson plans have been selected by a participant editorial board, which has reviewed and selected the plans for publication here in the Teaching Materials section. The members of the participant editorial board were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course and include:

  • Eleni Rossiou
  • Alina Mirela Popa
  • Neila Mersni
  • Μαρία Παπαντώνη
  • Lia Molini
  • José María Díaz Fuentes

The lesson plans can be accessed here and are available in English.

A big thanks to the authors of these lesson plans:

  • Diana Claudia Di Mario
  • Georges Filippousis
  • Miguel Cecilio Gómez Barragán
  • Daniela Maria Geraci
  • Ella Rakovac Bekeš
  • Sanja Puškarić Delač
  • Jasminka Belščak
  • Georgia Laskari
  • Marcela Urs
  • Ida Veselovac

Age group: All
Subjects: All
Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
Year: 2019
Languages available: English