Classroom projects on climate change and sustainability

A selection of project plans for addressing the climate crisis in school lessons. They were produced by participants of the online course Addressing the Global Climate Crisis in Your Classroom on Teacher Academy.

The Addressing the Global Climate Crisis in Your Classroom online course ran in 2020 on Teacher Academy and remains available for browsing. As part of the course, participants drafted a project plan addressing the topic of the climate crisis, incorporating some of the ideas and advice for teaching climate change and sustainability given in the course.

The lesson plans can be accessed here and are available in English.

These lesson plans were reviewed and curated by a participant editorial board, whose members were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course:

Carmen Siurana Altabás, Tuba Gören, Roman Kofler, Marlene Lucas, Apostolia Mamma, Sérgio Martins, Gemma Molenaar, Loredana Popa, Agustin Bastida Rodriguez, Natalie Talmi, Maria Vasilopoulou, Maria Vesselinova

A big thanks to the authors of these lesson plans:

Emma Abbate, José Luis Ortega Aparicio, Lígia Araújo, Laura Cardoș, Gonçalo Miguel Biscaia Rogeiro Costa, Alexandra Duarte, Maria Bañeres Farrero, Carmen Guil Fernández, María Delgado García, Dalia Kager, Kristina Maratović, Elisa Mozún, Valbona Reci, Ingrid Serre

  • Age group: All
  • Subjects: All
  • Published by: Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway
  • Year: 2020
  • Languages available: English
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