Conflict Mediation: Innovative approaches to teaching

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Conflict resolution professionals work in a range of fields, including business, law, education, healthcare, and government. They act as arbitrators, mediators, facilitators, ombudsmen, and counselors. They must understand the root causes and dynamics of conflict and how to resolve disputes through reasoned negotiation.
Conflict resolution skills should be a fundamental part of schools's curriculum, discipline approach, and management style: studies have consistently found that the more conflict resolution techniques permeate the atmosphere and curriculum in schools, the greater the decrease in violence, bullism, behavioral disorders, improvement in classroom management, and enhancement of students' social and emotional development.
The most fundamental benefit of peer mediation is that it effectively resolves student conflicts. Close to 90 percent of all mediation sessions result in an agreement that satisfies not only the parties, but teachers, administrators, and parents as well.
The course looks at conflict mediation from a social constructionist and appreciative perspective. Just as well as differences and disagreements can lead to conflicts and cause great destruction, they can also be a potential for growth and open up to new possibilities for change and development.

The main goal of the course is to improve the communication skills of participants accordingly to conflict solving process. In order to facilitate the relationships with stakeholders in all professional fields, you will achieve the ability to understand the reasons behind every conflicts, through the more appropriate methods and strategies used.
The participant get a chance to practice inquiring into the good reasons of the parties and appreciating their perspective (even when he/she disagrees).

● Understanding conflict and cooperation
● How to facilitate conflicts
● How to mediate
● Experience an innovative approaches to teaching
● Understanding types of conflict
● Applying a specific solving techniques
● Understanding different level of communications
● Understanding and solving intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict
● Understanding group and team dynamics

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Ce cours permettait d'aborder la notion de conflits dans le domaine de l 'enseignement , avec les élèves , mais aussi les collègues et l 'administration

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