Introducing Project-Based Learning in your Classroom - Rerun

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Please note that this course has concluded, although its content remains available for perusal. It is no longer possible to receive the course badge, the module badges, or the course certificate, and support for this course is no longer provided by the course instructors or the Teacher Academy team.

The Introducing Project-Based Learning in your Classroom course introduces you to the concept of project-based learning (PBL) and helps you to implement this pedagogical approach in your classroom by providing concrete examples, ideas and tools that can inspire and support you and your students to embark on a PBL learning journey.

We will be exploring three key challenges related to the implementation of PBL: how to get students to collaborate effectively, how to facilitate student-driven activities, and finally how to assess PBL in your classroom.

The course offers an introduction to these topics and provides you with a framework to engage with fellow teachers and other education stakeholders by sharing resources, experiences, ideas, etc. The goal of the course is to develop into a professional learning community discussing PBL even after the course has finished.

You will find a range of resources on the course ranging from classroom videos, lesson plans, interviews, presentations, digital tools and classroom materials to peer-review and self-assessment activities. The course draws heavily from materials and ideas used in the past on the eTwinning network.

Join us on this exciting first course on the Teacher Academy and meet like-minded pedagogues, find useful resources, learn about innovative pedagogy, and earn digital badges and a certificate recognising your work!

The course is entirely free and is organised as a MOOC-type course, allowing anyone to join.

You will receive digital module badges for every completed module of the course as well as a course badge and a course certificate upon completion of the full course. All badges can be exported to the Mozilla Badge Backpack.

The course is relevant to all teachers, school leaders and other school stakeholders who are interested in the topic of project-based learning. However, the focus of the course is on the practical and pedagogical activities within a classroom environment so the course will be more relevant to practicing teachers. No prerequisite knowledge is required but a basic level of digital skills is necessary to navigate the course and to interact with peers.

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Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway
Teacher Academy by School Education Gateway
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