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Teacher coaching in schools takes various forms, but is commonly conceived as a means of providing personalized professional support to teachers through discussion about their practice.
Coaching takes time to organise and facilitate within any organisation, and as time is precious in
all schools it is important that coaching, where used, works to maximum effect.
The training aims to give you a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics that happen between people when they work one-to-one. The temptation when coaching or mentoring someone is to provide the solution to their problem or difficulty. This course helps you find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage them find the solutions for themselves. We aren’t aiming to teach you how to become a fully accredited coach or mentor, we are aiming to provide you with some highly effective coaching skills you will be able to put into practice immediately.
Coaching and mentoring your students or employees requires a continuous effort to make it a part of your management practices. Use the tips in the following list to help incorporate coaching and mentoring techniques into your management practices.
In some contexts coaching and mentoring are used almost as interchangeable terms. Without doubt they are both valuable processes. It is true that the boundary between them is somewhat permeable and that often the same individuals in schools carry out or participate in both processes.
Teachers and school leaders are becoming more acutely aware of the relationships between engagement, feedback and learning for students, as exemplified by the assessment for learning agenda.
Main aims: to develop coaching to enhance teaching and learning as a new endeavour and to those where coaching already exists.
to establishing models of coaching which are:
focused on enhancing teaching and learning •  beneficial to all coaching participants in terms of professional learning •  sustainable over the long term. It will indicate a series of approaches that can be used to develop coaching practices.

During the training it will be used 2 manuals:
“Coaching for teaching and learning: a practical guide for schools”, the fruit of 2 years research of a team representing The National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services and the Newcastle University. These can be used as a step-by-step approach, providing a sequence of activities to support coaching development or selected to implement specific changes in coaching practice.
How to Build A Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective Practice. A Step-by-step tool kit for program managers.


DAY 1 - 6 HOURS 8:30 - 12:30 a.m / lunch break / 2 - 5 p.m
Short introduction, "thanks to Erasmus Plus Programme, rememberring it's rules and aims, the importance of the international mobility for all citizens in Europe and beyond"
Module 1 - Delegate: Articulate the results you want to see, set parameters, determine what support the student needs, and set times to conduct progress reviews along the way.
Give performance feedback.: State what you observe, be specific and direct, show sincerity, and communicate face-to-face for both positive and negative performance efforts.

DAY 2 - 6 HOURS 9:00 - 13:00 a.m / lunch break / 3 - 5 p.m
Module 2 - Motivate student performance: Give timely recognition for a job well done and provide favorable assignments that challenge your staff and meet business needs at the same time.
Mentor student growth: Pass on words of wisdom that guide behavior for success and ask students for ideas to make improvements and solve problems.
Focus student performance: Collaboratively set goals with action plans that define the key steps for achieving the goals.
DAY 3 - 6 HOURS 9:00 - 13:00 a.m / lunch break / 3 - 5 p.m
Module 3: Set meaningful goals: Define the results that need to be achieved and how the goals will be measured.

DAY 4 - 6 HOURS 9:00 - 13:00 a.m / lunch break / 3 - 5 p.m
Module 4 - Assess student performance: Don’t wait for the annual review. Meet one-on-one with each student at least once per quarter to review performance; adjust plans accordingly to keep priorities current.
Aid career development: Collaboratively set plans that define how students will prepare themselves — from training to work assignments — to grow in their skills and capabilities.

DAY 5 - 6 HOURS 9:00 - 13:00 a.m / lunch break / 3 - 5 p.m
Module 5 - Deliver training: Give step-by-step instruction a that involves your employee doing the skills or procedures in a hands-on way. Module 6 - Reinforce good performance: Catch students doing quality work and demonstrating positive behaviors with the same effort that you catch them when performance doesn’t go as well as needed.

Saturday - DAY 6 - 2 HOURS - 09:00 - 11:00 Evaluation and delivery of certificates, checking the Learning Mobility Agreements and administrative receipts. In the afternoon of Saturday will be proposed
​Intercultural activities or an excursion "Discovering Calabrian old towns and traditions"

Course organiser
CTE Closer To Europe Network
Soverato, Italy
Career guidance and counselling; Combating failure in education, reducing early school leaving; Early childhood education and care; Education for parents/family, intergenerational learning
Key competences
Cultural expression; Foreign language; Initiative and entrepreneurship; Learning to learn; Mother tongue; Social and civic
Target audience
Company staff; Higher education institution staff; Parent/family; Recent graduates / Students; Regional and local authorities; School management; Teachers & school staff: pre-school level; Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level; Teachers & school staff: special needs
400 Euro
Included in price
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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