CLIL IS PRACTICE a training aiming at the creation of interactive lessons using foreign languages

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CLIL is increasingly being taken up by Ministries of Education as an innovative approach to teaching modern languages, as a motivating method for teaching subject areas or simply as a contribution to internationalization and the ideal of multilingualism. With this exponential growth, the lack of competent, trained CLIL teachers has become more evident.
Content teachers are not infrequently monolingual and may not recognize the benefits of becoming bilingual, while language teachers may not feel proficient in the subject-area knowledge required for content teaching. Education ministries insist on CLIL implementation, but do not oversee a workforce sufficiently competent in all three necessary areas: target language ability, subject knowledge, and CLIL methodology.

Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is a term created in 1994 by David Marsh and Anne Maljers as a methodology similar to but distinct from language immersion and content-based instruction. It's an approach for learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), thus teaching both the subject and the language. The idea of its proponents was to create an "umbrella term" which encompasses different forms of using language as the medium of instruction.
We propose a training which is not a common English learning course, but is conducted by native English teachers working or living in Italy, aiming at the development of competences like
intelligent and focused use of ICT
in order to make specific lessons in English language on topics which are not part of English language and literature. Can be science, can be maths, can be economy. Participants are teachers or trainers or educators experts in topics which belong to them as they learnt to become professionals in their job. But, when you have to face the fact that, from tomorrow, you have to start to teach some hours of your daily program at school in English or Spanish or German, you need further competence and a great motivation to organize your lesson, to feel up to a new task, to take care on the quality of contents and, at the same time, on correct pronunciation and grammar.
What does it mean a training on CLIL method? or better said, a training to learn and use CLIL method?
According to the original idea, it's not just English lessons but is more and is more difficult. A challenge for the majority of teachers all around the world. It's understandable that the "old" generation is disappointed and rebel while the new one is enthusiastic, it's easier to learn languages while you are young and you can travel, Erasmus Plus didn't exist many years ago and the most of teachers, also for personal trips, couldn't go abroad.
CLIL method is a challenge and is the future but it's necessary to be realistic and go step by step, don't get scared.

Course organiser
CTE Closer To Europe Network
Soverato, Italy
Active citizenship, European dimension; Communication skills; Literature, languages (incl. CLIL), classical languages; Pedagogy and didactics
Key competences
Cultural expression; Digital; Foreign language; Initiative and entrepreneurship; Learning to learn; Maths, science and technology; Mother tongue; Social and civic
Target audience
Parent/family; Recent graduates / Students; Regional and local authorities; School management; Teachers & school staff: pre-school level; Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level; Teachers & school staff: special needs
400 Euro
Included in price
Number of participants
Certification on completion


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