Count Me In (Randers, Denmark) - Using arts and culture for special needs groups

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Count Me In is a training course for people working with special needs groups with focus on the arts and cultural sector. The course is open to educationalists working at all levels and types of special needs education....................


Count Me In takes its starting point in the belief that no citizen in Europe should be discriminated against in lifelong learning or employment. In times of economic difficulties there is more than ever, a need for finding new ways to make better use of the diverse resources of organisations and people. This includes people who are more specially disadvantaged because of certain social or individual disabilities....................

At the heart of social inclusion is a belief that arts and culture are for everyone. The course demonstrates that this particular sector has great potential as a framework for education and training....................


By exploring different practices and methodologies to be found throughout Europe and by highlighting the pedagogical framework from GAIA Museum in Denmark, the objective of the "Count Me In" training course is to train the participants in an interdisciplinary resource on how to use the arts and cultural sector for working with special needs groups....................


The course is centred on the training programme at GAIA Museum and focused eLearning material. It consists of formal lectures, workshops, study trips and time for personal reflection....................

Learning outcomes include:...

Understanding formal national / EU framework using a rights based approach;
Rights & Responsibilities at institution level;
Developing a personal training framework for people with disabilities;
Using appropriate terminology and Glossary of terms;
Managing your programme;
Understanding Health and Safety issues when working with people with disabilities;
Explore ICT aids for disability;
Learn how to go Into the community – work, education and training;
Sustainability and fundraising examples.

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Randers, Denmark

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