On Request: Assessment of and for learning in language education using digital tools and (peer) feedback activities

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Course aims:
This course will familiarize language teachers with ways in which they can extend their repertoire of interventions and didactical procedures to address the variety in educational needs and interests of their students with ICT-supported methodologies.
Delegates will deepen their knowledge on:
- different types of and digital tools for assessment
- how assessment as/for learning activities can promote motivation and ownership of learning 
- how Open Educational Resources (OER) can help to implement student-centred teaching & learning

Delegates will be able to use student response apps and a range of other ICT tools to timely:

- assess student pre-knowledge, progress and learning results
- adapt teaching and learning processes to accomodate students' needs
- provide materials that promote interaction and dialogue for learning

For a full course description see the Course Website: http://www.tellconsult.eu/course-2-assessment-of-and-for-learning-in-language-education-using-digital-tools-and-peer-feedback-activities/

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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