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Student-centered learning engages students in their own learning process and integrates their interests and skills into it. Student learning is personalised and students have ownership in their learning. This will help develop their essential transversal, or 21st century skills. During this course you will learn how to put pedagogical theory into practice by creating meaningful tasks and learning environments for students to improve their skills in teamwork and collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.
During this course you will:
- get an overview of current pedagogical approaches to learning
- familiarise yourself with the world-renowned Finnish education system
- learn how to integrate 21st century skills in the student learning process.
- get hands-on experience in using student-centered learning methods in a pedagogically sound way in the classroom.
- learn how to improve students’ learning process by engaging their creativity and imagination in learning.
- plan motivating and meaningful tasks that support collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.
- explore different formative and summative assessment methods
- discuss and exchange ideas with other course participants in a multicultural environment
- network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe.

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Espoo, Finland

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