Digital Storytelling (5-day course)

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Digital Storytelling (DS) is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. This is done with the help of a variety of multimedia, including photos, graphics, audio (sound, speech, music), video, and Web publishing tools. These short, personal multimedia stories can be created everywhere, on any subject, and shared electronically all over the world.

There are numerous ways that DS can be used. Whether an instructor creates a Digital Story (as a way to present new material) or students do it by themselves: Whenever DS is used at school, it provides a strong foundation in many different types of literacy which can be labeled as “21st Century Literacy.” Furthermore it can help to foster critical and interpretive thinking and enhance students’ learning experience and motivation.

Outside the world of institutionalised education DS can be used as a tool for self-representation and for social inclusion, it can raise awareness, change mindsets and give a voice to those who normally have none. Digital Stories can be tools in calling to action, and even more can be used as advocacy tools to help shape public policy.

The objective of this course is to introduce educators, social workers and representatives of NGOs to DS techniques and how to use them effectively. We will get familiar with the latest WEB 2.0 & 3.0 tools and expand our knowledge in video- and audio-production. We will cover the key elements of DS as well as provide hands-on opportunities for the participants to create their own Digital Stories.

Besides a lot of practical examples (learning by doing) the participants will create their own multimedia Learning Journal throughout the course.

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European Exchange
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It has been a wonderful experience. When you visit a different country, you can find, always, a lot of important things lo learn. And if you know different new applies for your work, culd it be someting better?

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In dem Kurs Digital Storytelling haben wir verschiedene Programme (adobe sparks) zur Erstellung von Bilderfilmen und Comics kennengelernt und ausprobiert. Der Kursanbieter war sehr hilfsbereit. Die Vorkenntnisse der Kursteilnehmer waren sehr unterschiedlich. Das machte die zeitliche Einteilung schwierig. Manche Kursteilnehmer waren schon weit voraus.

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In dem Kurs Digital Storytelling wurden den Teilnehmern verschiedene Programme und Apps zur Erstellung kleiner Filme und Comics vorgestellt (z.B. Adobe Sparks). Auch hatten wir Gelegenheit die Programme auszuprobieren. Leider waren die Vorkenntnisse der Kursteilnehmer sehr unterschiedlich, was die zeitliche Organisation des Kurses sehr schwierig machte. Auch hätte ich mir mehr Bezug zum Einsatz im Unterricht gewünscht. Der Kursanbieter war sehr hilfsbereit und hat bereits im Vorfeld viele Tipps für den Aufenthalt in Lissabon gegeben.

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Axel Wiczorke (EUROPEAN EXCHANGE) must be one of the best trainers in Europe. I am experienced in mobilities, and after his 'Teaching Cinema in the Classroom' course, I immediately wanted to attend his 'Digital Storytelling' class. Finally, I could, and it absolutely worthed it! Axel knows his craft and knows how to pass it on. I received a lot of attention and support from him. He uses a very practical, learner-friendly approach with small groups. I think he shines the best if you already have some essential experience in the field, so he can help you build on it. I also witnessed his openness, patience, and flexibility with beginners. I definitely recommend his courses. A plus: He will also show you the local secrets and hidden beauties of Lisbon :)

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European Exchange
European Exchange
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