Designing and implementing innovative actions for mainstream and special needs education frames/schools: a sustainable approach.

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5 days, ERASMUS+ KA1 Training Course in Thessaloniki:
1. 7th to 11th of October 2019 and
2. 23rd to 27th of March 2020

Course Overview
In the rapidly changing context that characterizes the current era, Education (special and mainstream) is required to meet the expectations of students, teachers and parents. It has been shown that by expanding the curriculum with new subjects, new educational tools and
environments, new /innovative pedagogical approaches, cross-thematic and experiential methods and ideas, school will be able to respond to the modern learning and psychosocial needs of students and communities in general. The Innovation actions in education provide
a pathway for schools, teachers, students and parents to obtain greater individual school autonomy and managerial flexibility in order to implement diverse approaches to learning. Has been proven that a structured but flexible framework could facilitate the idea generation, development, implementation, testing, evaluation, and rapid-cycle iteration.
This process is grounded in science and supported within a growing community of change
agents who are committed to shared learning, cumulative knowledge, and transformative
child outcomes at the population level.
The course is based on “learning by doing and reflecting” training through various collaborative
activities. The content and fundamental information will be introduced through cross-thematic
and experiential learning methods and approaches within a group instructional setting. You will be able to gradually generate classroom-based as well as home-based strategies suitable for pupils with and without disabilities.
Module 1 Sustainability, mission and vision
Module 2 What is innovation, which is the definition of “innovation”? What
mistake do we often make when we talk about innovation? What
simple thing can we do to change their conversation / perspective
about innovation
Module 3 Examples & workshops
Module 4 How innovation connected with sustainability
Module 5 In which actions the pillars of sustainability is developed, Bringing
Innovation to an inclusive School : Empowering Students to thrive in
a Changing World
Module 6 Integrating Design Thinking Throughout the Curriculum and Moving
From Thinking to Doing
Module 7 Taking Advantage of Technology,
Module 8 Five Ways Teachers Can Use Technology to Help Students
Taking Action,
Module 9 Project method
Module 10 Health Education,
Module 11 Stimulation
Module 12 Cultural Activities
Module 13 Workshop
Module 14 Environmental education
Module 15 Reflection

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Society in Progress (SiP)

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Society in Progress (SiP)
Society in Progress (SiP)
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