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KA101 Mobility in Prague, Czech Republic
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Course fee:
EUR 350,-/5 days grants till 2020
EUR 400,-/5 days grants from 2021
Our course fee is always in accordance with the official Erasmus+ project guidelines.
- no additional admin fee or VAT tax charged
Course fee includes:
City guided tour
School visit
Assistance with orientation in the city
Administrative support: Europass, Mobility agreement, Certificates, Invoices, Invitation letter for the course
Course materials
Catering during the course: Coffee, Cappuccino, tea, biscuits, water

Course Overview:
CLIL is an innovative approach to language teaching, where students are exposed to foreign language while learning the content about subjects such as geography, fine arts, science etc. This course concentrates upon the practical aspects of teaching CLIL at different levels, including use of scaffolding strategies, integration of four language skills or assessment.

Course Methodology:
CLIL course is structured into 17 thematic modules. It is designed as a series of workshops that are composed of discussions, hand-on activities, and practical tips how to implement CLIL to schools. You will experience CLIL activities from the perspective of students, design lesson plan and teach it within a micro-teaching session in our course.

Module 01 – Introduction to CLIL Methodology, Practice in Selected European Countries
Module 02 – Benefits and Risks of CLIL
Module 03 – Language Showers
Module 04 – An Example of a CLIL Lesson
Module 05 – CLIL Activities across the Primary School Curriculum
Module 06 – Classroom Materials and CLIL Resources
Module 07 – CLIL in Secondary Schools
Module 08 – Real‐world Tasks in CLIL and Problem Solving
Module 09 – Scaffolding Strategies
Module 10 – Teaching Methods and Techniques Suitable for CLIL
Module 11 – How to Prepare a Good CLIL lesson
Module 12 – English for Classroom Management
Module 13 – ICT in CLIL
Module 14 – How to Start CLIL in my School
Module 15 – Assessment in CLIL
Module 16 – Students’ Presentations of CLIL Lesson Plans
Module 17 – Individual Projects and their presentations
Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes:
-Develop practical classroom skills to teach CLIL, show effective techniques when teaching learners’ whose mother tongue is not the medium of instruction, promote teaching content in cross-curricular platform.
-Generate ready‐to‐use materials and ideas, discover the process of CLIL implementation into schools, enhance good quality of mainstream education.
-Improve competencies in using ICT in CLIL lessons, develop digital skills and media literacy, promote open educational resources and open learning environment.
-Apply CLIL method, encourage student’s critical and creative thinking, employ authentic communication and solving real-world tasks; foster innovative, student-centred pedagogies.
-Revise and develop personal and professional competences, build confidence in using CLIL methods in classrooms and teaching through a foreign language.
-Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and build a network for future international cooperation.

Before the course:
You will receive “ITC Guide Document” where you will find all necessary information.
After the Course:
Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronical form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of the techniques.

Additional services in Prague:
Accommodation arrangement
Airport transfer to the hotel
Cultural activities
Trips to other European cities: Vienna, Dresden,…

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